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Opinion pieces

In this section, our members share their experience and expertise on a range of subjects. We hope these opinion pieces will serve as a useful resource.

20 August 2014 NHS reorganisations and their impact on professional care givers Ethelrene Percy
22 September 2013 Mid Staffordshire Hospital scandal Marjorie Roome
5 April 2013 Compassion in nursing Nancy Halloran
20 September 2010 Waste in the NHS: the ubiquitous rubber glove Dorothy Harling
17 March 2010 Dementia: the hidden crisis Madeleine Hackett
18 February 2010 Where did all the caring go? Valerie Shelton
27 January 2010 Patient nutrition Barbara Keal
15 September 2009 Aseptic non-touch technique Jenny Bird and Sandra Harrison